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April 03 2015

Ich wünsche mir so sehr, dass diese Geschichte wahr ist.
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This is really powerful.

Oh my god, this is such a perfect way to make a statement.

Reblogging this again because it’s so fucking good

this is fucking amazing

i’ll never not reblog

It is the civic duty of a female to reblog this, regardless of blog style.

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That awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.
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Persepolis [?] - Marjane Satrapi

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new sport
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this picture posted on instagram by Rupi Kaur was removed because “it didn’t follow their community guidelines”. She wrote this in response:

"Thank you @instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique. You deleted a photo of a woman who is fully covered and menstruating stating that it goes against community guidelines when your guidelines outline that it is nothing but acceptable. The girl is fully clothed. The photo is mine. It is not attacking a certain group. Nor is it spam. And because it does not break those guidelines I will re-post it.

I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of a misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak

when your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many of whom are underage) are objectified, pornified, and treated less than human. Thank you. This image is a part of my photoseries project for my visual rhetoric course. you can view the full series at rupikaur.com.  

I bleed each month to help make humankind a possibility. My womb is home to the divine, a source of life for our species, whether i choose to create or not. But very few times is it seen that way. In older civilizations this blood was considered holy. In some it still is. But a majority of people, societies, and communities shun this natural process. Some are more comfortable with the pornification, the sexualization of women, the violence and degradation of women than this.

They cannot be bothered to express their disgust about all that but will be angered and bothered by this. We menstruate and they see it as dirty, attention seeking, sick, a burden. As if this process is less natural than breathing. as if it is not a bridge between this universe and the last. As if this process is not love, labour, life. Selfless and strikingly beautiful.”

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Oh my???god?????

is this a dog molecule??? how??, so smal?.??l????

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Shout that from the rooftops

I don’t think enough people can hear this

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vodkapussy :


Heart surgeon after 23-hour (successful) lung heart transplantation. His assistant is sleeping in the corner

saw this in the national geographic best 100, this was my favourite

Will never not reblog, it looks like a battlefield in some way to me.

This was polish cardiosurgeon, Zbigniew Religa. There was a movie masę about nim lately. “Bogowie” with Tomasz Kot.

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[When Sir Patrick Stewart was asked to describe Sir Ian McKellen’s early days on the british stage]

Look at that smug face. And he’s doing a little dance!! You can see he’s victory dancing in his head xD [x]

Okay but

really though.



I mean:

(Ian McKellen as Hamlet, 1971. I mean, honestly.)

I MEAN, FAIR. For real. McKellen was a dreamboat.



had no idea


but man


am i glad


I found out


Sir Patrick, you weren’t even kidding. That man was one heck of a specimen.

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